Septic Tank Inspections Champaign IL

Berg Septic Tank Cleaning performs septic tank inspections for homeowners in Champaign IL. A healthy environment is crucial for your home and family, and septic sewer systems are the main waste management for your property.

Let us help you as we do quality septic tank inspections in Champaign IL. We’ll make sure to check and repair every aspect of your septic system. Your waste water will be properly contained and treated year after year with us.

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Professional Septic Tank Evaluations & Home Visits

Tank Evaluations & Detailed Septic System Assessments

Good septic tank inspection in Champaign IL takes a number of different steps to make sure that everything is in order. Read below about the three part process to our professional evaluations.

  1. First, our crew at Berg Septic Tank Cleaning will look over the drain field and check for tire tracks or any signs of heavy foot traffic. A drain field's trenches need to be cared for in order to avoid groundwater contamination. When that ground is under excessive pressure, they can leak and affect other water systems nearby in your neighborhood.
  2. The next part of septic tank inspection in Champaign is digging up and exposing the manhole cover to check for unwanted items such as tissues, wet wipes, hygiene products, etc. These materials usually do not break down in the septic system and start to clog the system. We suggest to all clients that you dispose of paper products other than toilet paper in some way besides flushing them down a drain.
  3. Upon getting ready to wrap up, we will leave you with the details about the evaluation we have made. If there are major issues we will recommend you solutions for servicing; otherwise, our team will entrust you with a copy of the assessment so that you are aware of the conditions of your tank from year to year.

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Replacement Parts for Septic Tanks

Septic tank inspection in Champaign IL also requires pumping the septic system while looking for a large amount of water draining back from the drain field; this can indicate a slow or failing drain field. Septic tank inspections in Champaign IL also make sure that the inlet and outlet baffles are in place and of the proper size. Our staff at Berg Tanks can supply you with the necessary replacement parts for a variety of brand names.

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Quality Septic Tank Solutions in Champaign IL

If we see potential problems during our septic tank inspections in Champaign IL, we will jet-clean the lines in the drain field. We will also install an effluent filter as part of our septic tank inspections in Champaign IL, as a replacement for the exit baffle. If the tank is more than two feet deep, we can install a riser to bring the lid closer to the surface for easier access during the next inspection.

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