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Emergency Residential Septic Service

Maintenance Crew: Professional Septic Service ProvidersMany homeowners neglect to have their septic systems checked regularly. When you don’t have regular septic service in Champaign IL for your septic systems, catastrophic events can happen. You can have overflowing toilets, smelly puddles forming in your front yard from an overflown drainfield, or even winding up in your neighbor’s yard. Avoid these embarrassing and costly moments by having timely septic service in Champaign IL.


Take proper care of your septic system by having it regularly pumped and inspected. Berg Septic Tank Cleaning provides the longest running septic service in Champaign IL. Look back at the last time you’ve had your septic system checked. If you have not had septic service in Champaign IL in multiple years, it’s about time you gave Berg Septic Tank Cleaning a call.

Reliable Septic Services in Champaign IL

Berg Septic Tank Cleaning offers quality septic service in Champaign IL. As part of our septic service in Champaign IL, we offer regular pumping schedules to keep your septic systems maintained. Giving our clients good septic service in Champaign IL requires us to keep up with the technology and biology of septic system design – something we have been doing for years.

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A failing septic system due to lack of septic service in Champaign IL will not only cause harm to the environment but will also lower the value of your property and possibly pose legal liabilities. Wastewater is something that should be handled carefully by professional septic service providers in Champaign IL.

Pump Inspection: Emergency Septic Service Provider

Septic Tank Inspections & Maintenance

Have a septic tank that just needs a check up? We can come to your residence and service your tank. It is often a good idea to have an inspection done upon preparing to sell your home, as well as scheduling regular check ups from time to time. Most experts in the industry recommend that you have your tank inspected every one to two years.

It is important to have a reliable septic service provider that will keep detailed notes of their inspections from year to year so that you can assess when it will be time to pump. This helps you avoid damages and leaks to your septic system. We will take a look at the condition of your tank but also check your property to look at the ground around your drainfield.

If you have noticed an odor in your backyard or have seen standing water, it is time to have your tank pumped and maintenanced!

After meeting with you at your home or residence, our team at Berg Tanks can set up an annual service to visit and maintain your septic tank so that you need not worry about following up year after year.

Berg Tanks: Professional Septic Service Providers in Urbana-Champaign IL

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